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Invoice payment

Payment after receipt of invoice is still the most popular payment method among online shoppers.

It also poses the greatest risk of shortfall to the seller / content provider. Once the goods have been dispatched on account, or the digital content has been delivered, the seller has to make sure the outstanding sum is collected from the buyer.

As this is very time consuming and at worst can mean payment shortfall, it is now possible in online sales to assign accounts receivable (claims) to a third party at a discount.

This method of the seller selling claims to a third party is called factoring. Factoring improves the solvency of the seller. The factor thereby obtains all the rights and risks associated with the receivables and pays the seller in cash.

Due to an increasing trend of payment shortfalls, and the payment morale of the buyers, this method of invoice payment for online transactions through third parties has been very popular for some time.

In this field we cooperate with partners who provide a secure solution and legally sound processing and whose financial background is solid enough to be a competent service provider and long term partner for sellers.

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