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Payment by purchase - the somewhat different payment solution

The consumption of digital content on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. Whether videos on YouTube, the daily news via newsletter or the gambling of browser-based multiplayer games, more and more consumers spend their time on the web, a large number of them because of the use of client-or browser-based online games. Huge (so-called) communities are formed, creating an exciting experience over a long period of time for the users.

In this way, one can, for example, play many of these online games completely free. If you want to achieve more success in less time in the game, you have to purchase virtual items and / or currencies with real money.

But how well does the monetization of paying players work?

The “share of paying users” in such an offer (game, service or software) remains a well kept secret of most of the publishers. Often it is only a small proportion of total users who is willing to pay for this content with real money.

What can YOU do in order to increase this share of paying users?

One promising approach is the integration of alternative monetization solutions.

Background: The number of buyers and sales for the purchase of physical goods on the Internet is growing steadily. What is colloquially referred to as eCommerce Online mail order is growing from year to year. Internet users continue to buy more and more goods or services over the Internet.

Now how does the connection of both areas work?

The user of the website – especially those without a willingness to pay – makes a purchase from the offered content (game, service, or community) and receives the valuable content of the actual offer for free. Here, the shop pays for the virtual content instead of the user.

The recommended solution from DATASTURM is sustainable and internationally established. It combines both areas together – simple, direct and uncomplicated. In this way, the existing threshold is lowered for the purchase of digital goods and ultimately create value for all parties.

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