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Phone-based payment systems


Call-based payment system “PayByCall” offers the user a method that is quick, safe and almost anonymous. Its greatest advantage lies in how user-friendly it really is. One click, one call and the download is started. The user is saved from the, all too often, time-consuming, nerve-wracking and complex registration process used by so many payment systems.

This works because the collection of monies is simply made through the user's respective telephone operator. The system is technically simple for content providers to integrate. This method of payment achieves a high portion of shoppers and, according to the Federal Statistics Office, there is an constant increase in the number of fixed-lines and mobile phones.

For years now, the legal framework for the telecom sector has been focused on consumer protection. This has not only established reliable service and solution providers, but has also raised the confidence in users in value-added services and increased in service numbers.

(Act to prevent the misuse of 0190er-/0900er-Mehrwertdiensterufnummern Issue Date: 9.8.2003, Status: adopted, Source: Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1590 With this act, the rights of consumers is strengthened due to increased concern about the misuse of 0190 and 0900 value-added service).

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