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Fully automated transfer

Current situation:

Many online shop owners and / or providers of digital content provide their buyers / users with their own bank details to facilitate the transfer of payment for the ordered goods / services. It is simple and, if the e-mail order confirmation to the customer is automated, doesn't even take time.

But what happens then?

Now the manual work is only about to start – turning the order into a purchase. Prerequisite: The payment should arrive on the seller's / provider's account in a timely manner. However, the following questions could turn this order into a problem, causing time and money and consequently destroying your cost calculation and your profit:

  • What happens if the buyer has still not paid after 14 days?
  • What happens if the buyer paid less than the agreed amount?
  • What happens if the buyer pays too much?
  • How – and how often – do I contact the customer?

All of these questions are related to work which is mostly done manually and causes additional costs. It also uses up valuable time needed elsewhere.

The solution recommended by DATASTURM relieves you of this work and clarifies all of the above issues with the buyer on your behalf. This way we give you free space and time which you can utilize for other important tasks.

Call us to arrange for a personal talk, and we will provide you with all the information you need.