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Turtle Entertainment GmbH

What does Turtle Entertainment do?
Turtle Entertainment GmbH is specialized in eSports and multiplayer gaming. As the organizer and operator of the Electronic Sports League (ESL), ESL Pro Series, ESL Amateur Series, European Nation Championships (ENC) and the WarCraft III League (WC3L), the company offers its Internet users a big variety of premium content.

What does DATASTURM do specifically for Turtle Entertainment? DATASTURM has offered Turtle Entertainment a telephony-based payment system that after a year has become the leading payment method between the 4 options offered by Turtle (telephone, bank transfer, Firstgate and Paypal). In the past 6 months once again an increase in the revenue shares was recorded. In February, the revenue share of the telephony-based payment system amounted to about 50%.

Jens Hilgers (CEO of Turtle Entertainment) said:
“Micro-payments represent an important component in our B-2-C business. Although we were superficially informed about the possibility of phone payments, we had never actively tried to implement this option. DATASTURM has actively communicated with us, and developed with and for us working concepts for the integration of phone payments. The inclusion of this new payment system has brought our branch of B-2-C online Payments massively forward. However, even after the completion of the initial integration the guys from DATASTURM have always been looking for optimizations and possible upgrades. They submit new proposals independently, so one has the feeling that they are a part of the company. I am happy and satisfied with this trusting and fruitful cooperation. “