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Seitenblick Interaktive Medien GmbH

What does the Seitenblick agency do?
Seitenblick is a multimedia agency that provides the technical basis to manage contents with customers and to make them available for users. Seitenblick conceives, creates, programmes and implements content management systems and databases for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Among others, Seitenblick has reactivated Udo Lindenberg's portal.

What does DATASTURM do specifically for Seitenblick?

DATASTURM has procured telephony-based payment systems for Seitenblick, which among others will be used for the proprietary Internet application “Grussmaschine” and for the song downloads from Udo Lindenberg's panic-Portal.

Ben Streubel (Managing Director of Seitenblick) says:
DATASTURM is a very pleasant partner. Their advice is professional and their solutions fit very well within our services. I find the human interaction particularly pleasant, as well as the fast service that goes beyond the usual office hours.”