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Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG

What does Motor Presse from Stuttgart do?
The focus of its publishing activities is on expanding and strengthening its international market position in the core topics of cars and motorcycles. In addition to the traditional print media, TV and online products as well as services are part of the publishing group's offering. Several specialized magazines offer interesting and professional product tests as premium content on the Internet.

What does DATASTURM specifically do for the motor press? DATASTURM has actively reached out to the motor press, and has implemented telephony-based payment systems for almost all business units that operate on-line portals and also sell premium content. This way the motor press also reaches out to users who do not want to register with Firstgate or T-Pay.

Harald Feierabend (responsible for the online coordination of Division III Telecommunications & Consumer Electronics) says:
“We are pleased to have reached a new type of user, and therefore a group of buyers with the telephone payment method implemented by DATASTURM. The anonymous and easy to use payment system has achieved acceptance very quickly. This has already directly had an impact on our paid contents revenues. We were sceptical at first, but this method shows that our users have quickly accepted the fee-based service numbers as a form of payment. The payment solution is very good and DATASTURM is a pleasant and professional partner. We are happy to work with you. “