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Gameforge AG

What does Gameforge AG do?
Gameforge develops, operates and markets so-called browser games. These are web-based strategy games that work without any additional software and are only playable through an internet access program (browser). These games are partially fee-based and both content and technical support must be offered.

What does DATASTURM specifically do for Game Forge?
DATASTURM has approached Gameforge actively and has implemented service numbers as well as a telephony-based payment system for the German speaking areas. In the scope of their internationalization strategy, DATASTURM is currently looking for telecommunication solutions that can be deployed in all of Europe by Gameforge.

Klaas Kersting (former member of the Executive Board of Gameforge) says:
“With the advice and product placement provided by DATASTURM we were able to open new financing channels for our games and increase the generated turnover by about 50%. DATASTURM has not only given us good advice, but has now also become a valuable partner. We love working together with the “DATASTURMs” from Berlin. “