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GameArt Studio, LLC

What does GameArt Studio do?
GameArt Studio is one of the most innovative developers and publishers of browser-based online games based in Berlin. With currently 4 games (Holy-War, Tagoria, AI WAR and Glory Wars) GameArt Studio boats over 4 million enthusiastic members worldwide and is one of the leading suppliers of online games.

What does DATASTURM do for GameArt Studio?
DATASTURM advises GameArt Studio in terms of deployment and use of payment solutions. DATASTURM, in this context, already provides various solutions in order to deal with a growing number of players reliably.

Gonglei Xie (GF of GameArt Studio) says about DATASTURM:
“We appreciate the open and professional advice by Janusz and his colleagues. In all the previous feedback you can see their passion for online games, which also often goes above and beyond the subject of payment. We are pleased to continue to work with Janusz and his team.”