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2006 Updates

December 2006
Beate Uhse AG incorporates DATASTURM's current best online payment solution into their digital content offerings.

December 2006
DATASTURM provides Eden City AG telephone-based billing system for its chat and dating community.

November 2006
DATASTURM gives GameArt Studios GmbH a telephone-based payment system for settlement of premium accounts in their online game project.

October 2006
Teufel GmbH integrates DATASTURM's current best online payment solution into their online store.

October 2006
DATASTURM speaks at the BGC (Browser Games Conference) in Frankfurt am Main about ePayment questions.

September 2006
DATASTURM advises Freaks 4 U GmbH concerning ePayment issues and provides them with different payment methods for their services.

August 2006
PMSG Personal Services GmbH uses one of DATASTURM's phone payment systems for the settlement of their digital content in their online store.

July 2006
The 4Players GmbH, one of the biggest gaming magazines in Germany, has integrated a DATASTURM phone payment system into their billing module for their browser games operator.

February 2006
DATASTURM provides the Freaks 4U GmbH with a partner in technology for the relaunch of the company's own clan portal “”