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2003 Updates

December 2003
Pearson Education is advised by DATASTURM and sets up a telephone-based payment solution for its content.

November 2003
DATASTURM advises the automotive press and provides telephone-based payment solution for the publication from Stuttgart.

August 2003
With the company Turtle Entertainment, the first large consulting client in telecommunications services was won.

June 2003
Several online portals for legal issues rely on the telephone counselling organized by DATASTURM, who also provides technical data for this nation-wide lawyer pool.

May 2003
first individual project: Beginning of the expert hotline for telephone counselling. DATASTURM establishes itself as a “first mover” and technical project manager with an offer strategy still not yet used in this area. The portal “” is now well-known in telephone counselling.

Also in March 2003
DATASTURM begins to focus on two business areas, consulting and procurement of telecommunications and value-added services and the operation of expert hotlines.

Since April 2002
(i.e. since the start of business) the Cyber Media Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH trust the advice and service of the DATASTURM GmbH.