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DATASTURM was founded early 2002 in Berlin. The company emerged out of the idea of more successfully implementing the business models of the founder's former employers.

As a young recently founded company, it was difficult to establish ourselves as a customer service provider (call centre operator) for the entertainment software business (publishers of PC and console games).

We had to jump nearly all the hurdles that could possibly be put in the way of founders in the beginning. The first year was especially intensive, varied, and full of (mostly negative) surprises.

The year 2003 saw a realignment of business fields. We eliminated telephone and email support services and built up web-based payment methods and online billing of users into a central field of consulting.

Since then, DATASTURM has stood for closeness to our customers and our tight grasp of the increasingly complex market of payment solutions and new providers.

Continuously fuelled by its leaders, DATASTURM sweeps across Germany's corporate landscape and online providers. We function as a neutral and accomplished point of contact between providers of content and solutions.

In 2010, one of our partners decided to part ways for personal reasons. That was a difficult situation for the company initially, but as it often happens, it turned out that the resulting new start brought renewed momentum and opened up new opportunities.

DATASTURM will continue to build its unique role in the consulting landscape and establish new consulting concepts in the market. Our guidance is and will remain closely tied to the success of our customers.